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Social Housing Entrance Doors

Social Housing can be a challenging sector for most door companies, but our vast experience in providing entrance doors that are resiliant to the kind  abuse that they can so often suffer makes ADI the clear choice for vandal resistant doors that can withstand the hard knocks and continue to look good for years to come.

We work with many local authorities and housing associations in providing block entrances that are right for the circumstances.

We listen to the customers needs and provide solutions that both look good and that work


At ADI we beleive that not all social housing is the same and that the style of entrances that are fitted can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of a block.

Fitting doors which may function well, but look imposing and prisonesque can result in resentment from residents.

We firmly beleive that fitting well designed aesthetically pleasing doors with subtle, but effective built in vandal resisitance can have a truely positive effect on the residents and uplift the whole feel of the block. Giving back the people that live there a sense of pride in where they live.


At ADI we don't just look a the entrance, we talk to the people that live there, we talk to local autority or housing association to build up a picture of the problems that may have occured there in the past to allow us to put together a proposal, which we know will be both effective and look as good as can be.


Some areas unfortunately do need doors which can withstand regular abuse and still continue to give security and we have that covered as well.

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Subtle Features which make ADI's range of social housing doors more resilliant to vandalism.

Bulb Stile Hinges

All of our aluminium doors for social housing are fitted with a bulb stile hinge which not only protects fingers from being crushed, it also prevents rocks and bricks being wedged in the back of the door to keep it open.

When a door is wedged open in this way and then forced shut the door will break off of the bottom pivot and the whole door could fall off and injur someone seriously.

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GRP composite bottom panels

So often doors with glass panels at the bottom are regularly broken by stones or being kicked or just by accidental damge from pushchairs and bikes being brought through. In these situations we recommend a solid bottom panel, which is a composite of a plywood core coated on both sides with textured GRP Resin.

This makes the panel almost impossible to damage and does not dent like other materials.



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Electromagnetic Locking

Magnetic locking is the perfect solution for social housing as there are no moving parts to get jammed, broken or tampered with.

They are inherrrantly fail-safe as they need a constant power supply to keep them locked, when the power is removed they unlock.

This makes them ideal for use with  most door entry and access control systems.

The electromagnets are located on the frame and engage with heavy duty steel armature plates reessed into the door.

Each magnet has a hoolding force of 275kg (600 Ib) so 2 magnets have a combined holding force of 550kg, which make the door very secure.

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Outward opening doors

Where possible we recommend that doors open outwards. This way the door rests against the magnet housing and can't be kicked inwards, this substantially increases the strength and longevity of the door.

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