Access Control
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At ADI  we beleive that getting in and out of your door easily is just as important as the door itself. Locks and keys may be perfectly fine for some, but having the right equipment for you can make your life easier and ensure that everything and everyone that you value is kept safe.

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The choice of a suitable access control system to go with your new or existing door can be difficult and confusing. Making the wrong decision can be costly and leave you and your property vulnerable.

At ADI we have many years experience with all types of access control and can discuss the options and advise what's best for you.

Quite often it's the simplest and lowest cost system that offers the best and most convenient way to open your new or existing door.


Proximity fob systems

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A proximity fob system uses RFID technology to open an electronic lock or trigger and automatic door operator. The fobs are contactless and just need to be held in front of or tapped on a reader pad fitted to the door. The cards can be deleted at any time if they are lost or stolen. ADI can provide a single reader system with just one or 2 fobs for as residential front door or a full scale multi-door system with cloud based admin portal for managing access  

Smartphone/ Smart Watch App

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For some, using a smartphone to open the door is ideal. The door can be opened in a similar way to a proximity fob system, but instead it uses NFC or Bluetooth by holding the phone near to a reader plate. The system recognises that it's your phone and unlocks the door.

Other ways to use your smartphone for access are to link your phone to a smart doorbell with a remote unlock feature. This will allow you to speak to visitors and to be able to unlock the door with your phone.

Entryphone Systems

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ADI can supply and install a wide range of off the shelf entryphone  systems for your workplace, business or apartment block.

We can give sound advice as to which system is best suited for your needs.

From a simple single button call panel to open your front door to a full scale, digital, multi-panel 200 flat video entry system.

Remote Control


A remote control switch or transmitter is a useful but simple form of access control, which is often used in conjunction with an automatic door opener to allow the door to be opened with the press of a button instead of a key or other form of access control. The user can carry this with them and remotely open the door from a distance.

Exit Devices

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Getting out of a door is just as important, if not more so than getting in.

We have a wide selection of exit devices, which can be fitted to work in conjunction with our automatic doors and access systems.

From a very simple push to exit button on the wall to an infra-red movement sensor or even an invisible "virtual" exit pad.

Coded Access

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Coded Access or Codelocks can be a cost effective way of providing basic electronic access to a door. These can be connected to a wide variety of electrically operated locks, solenoids or magnetic locking devices. Some codelocks can have multiple codes to allow different users to have their own unique code. Some units have 2 sets of relay contacts, which are activated by different codes to allow it to open 2 different doors by entering the appropriate code for each door.