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Proximity Access Control

A proximity fob system uses RFID technology to open an electronic lock or trigger an automatic door.

Paxton P50 Reader Portsmouth

Authorised users are issued with either a key ring-style fob or a card, which is securely embedded with a unique 48/128 bit authentication protocol.

The card or fob is held in front of the reader plate and if valid,  it will unlock the door quickly and easily.

Access is denied to unauthorised fob or card holders.

The cards and fobs have no batteries and work in a similar way to contactless payment cards.

Proximity fobs or cards can be added or deleted at any time if they are lost or stolen, without the considerable inconvenience and expense of having to change locks and re-issue keys.

Unlike conventional keys, the fobs that we use at ADI cannot be easily copied and as such offer a much more secure system.

Proximity fobs systems can range from a small single door reader for a residentisl property with 1 or 2 fobs to a large scale multi- door and multi-site system with centralised management of users in remote loction.

At ADI we aren't tied to one spsecific manuafcturers range of equipment, so we can choose from a vast range of  products from a selection of manufacturers to provide you with the most suitable and cost effective way to manage your access control.