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Door Automation

Fantastic Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are not just functional, they provide a bold statement about your business or workplace.

A well designed and aesthetically pleasing entrance can give visitors and employees an immediate and lasting impression about the intention and ethos of your organisation.

ADI can provide quality doors and automation to suit all needs and styles, from a simple automatic door opener on a residential house or flat to a bespoke designed commercial architectural aluminium entrance or shopfront with fully automatic bi-parting sliding doors.

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Automatic doors are the perfect way to allow access to everyone. Especially wheelchair or mobility scooter users, who would normally struggle to gain access to entrances that are heavy to open or at awkward angles of approach.

At ADI we consider all aspects of the usage before making a skilled and considered recommendation as to the best type of equipment that would work well and give years of safe, trouble free use and reliabilty.

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Perfect for all

At ADI we offer a full design and installation service to ensure that every customer is given the perfect solution for their circumstances. Our expertly trained staff are here to advise you at all stages from initial concept through to the design and installation and for the on going servicing and maintenance.

Different types of Automatic Door to suit your needs

Door automation comes in many different forms to suit your needs

Sliding automatic doors

Sliding doors are the ideal solution for heavy volumes of foot traffic or for a busy entrance to a shop, hotel, college or hospital.

They can also save space if if you have a limited floor area.

Sliding door automation can be a single sliding door, where only one door leaf moves behind a fixed side screen or bi- parting sliding doors, where 2 doors that move apart from each other, behind fixed screens on both sides of the entrance.

Sliding doors are smooth quiet and efficient.


Sliding doors can be combined with any form of activation , such as a push button, covid 19 safe touchless exit pads, motion sensor or "Radar" as they commonly referred to in the industry.

If needed, they can be wired into any existing access control door entry security systems.


Sliding doors that are access controlled have concealed integral solenoid locking fitted into the gearing to ensure the doors are locked securely.

Ideal for wind affected areas

If your premises are in coastal area or on a hill, you will understand that wind can be a problem. Sliding doors will open against a prevailing wind with no problem, even in high winds where a manual door would be difficult to open by hand,

Energy Efficient

Sliding doors are extremly energy efficient, not only because they use very little electricity, but because they can be set to only open part way when the weather is cold (partial winter opening). This function opens the door half way, which is still wide enough to easily walk through, but less heat is lost from your buiding due to the smaller opening.


Automatic doors are practical when receiving deliveries or if you are carrying awkward of heavy items. The doors can be connected to motion sensors to open on approach or with a long range proximity access control system.

Touch free exit pads are the perfect way open a sliding door whilst limiting the risk of spreading germs or infections.

Very often in places such as hospitals or schools have a button behind a reception desk to control accesss.


Hinged or swing automatic doors

Swing door automation can be the most cost effective solution to door automation as more often than not, your existing wooden or commercial aluminium doors can be utilised. The doors can be modified to accept the automation gearing and safety sensors.

Low Energy

Low energy operators work at a reduce opening and closing force, to allow a low cost way of implementing improved access and independance for wheelchair users, where access would otherwise be restricted. Low energy operators are typically controlled by push buttons or remote control transmitters, but can still be used as manual doors.


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Large press to exit pad, push button for low energy door automation , wheelchair users

Fully automatic Swing Doors

Fully automatic swing doors are smooth, quiet and safe. They feature fast opening and closing to gety people in and out quickly and efficiently, whist complying with EN16005 and BS7036 safety standards. Fully automated swing doors will allow a smooth flow of customers and staff into your place of work and are ideal for shop fronts, Car dealerships, busy trade counters, doctors durgeries or any other high footfall premises.


Safety Sensors

By far the most popular form of safety sensor for swing door automation are door mounted active infra-red safety sensors, which are fitted on both the closing and opening face of the moving door leaf at the top. The sensors are constantly scanning the area in front of and behind the door for objects or people that are too close to the door. The sensors feed back this information to the microprocessor based controller in the automatic door operators, which then instantly stops the door from moving and then backs it off until the obstruction is gone.

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We got you covered

ADI doors and automation can supply , install and maintain swing or sliding door openers and closers for your organisation in the following areas:

Automatic doors are ideal choice for the following industrial Sectors:



Industrial units





Shopping Centres

Apartment blocks



Car showrooms

Dental Clinics

Doctors Surgeries

Bus terminals

Train stations

Municipal buildings

Care Homes

Retirement living


Building Societies

Travel Angents

Estate agencies