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Smartphone Access Control

Smartphones are fast becoming the easiset and most convenient way to open an electronic lock or trigger an automatic door.

There are many different forms of smartphone access control, for different situations and the choice can be confusing.Technology moves so quickly as new products become available every day and older technology beocmes outdated or insecure.

ADI can can advise you of the best eqipment to allow you to utilise your phone to open your door or doors.

Smart doorbells are a very popular choice for residential properties as they allow you to see and speak to your visitors, which is ideal, but most manufacturers of smart doorbell do not have the facility to open a door, making them not suitable access control.

At ADI we can add a remote switch to work alongside your existing smart doorbell or supply and fit a professional quality smart doorbell which has video, speech and remote unlock outputs for controlling a door release, motorised multi=point locking system or even an automatic door which opens and closes on it's own.

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There are many advantages of having the ability to unlock the door as well as see who is at the door:
If you are working from home, you can see the parcel delivery person or dog walker approaching and you can open the door for them to put the parcel safely inside or let your dog back in.
If you are running late, you can let your children into the house without the risk of giving them keys to lose !
If you are elderly and need a little help sometimes, you or a relative anywhere in the world can let a carer or doctor in with the touch of a button,

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