Automation of Existing Residential Front Doors

At ADI, we can convert your existing , wooden or composite front door to be automated. And in some cases, we can convert UPVC doors as well.

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Having a shiny new front door which is purpose made for automation is very nice and ultimately offers the best reliability and security for your property.

However this can be expensive and you may already have your dream door fitted, but now you need it to be automated.

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ADI Doors can usually, automate your existing front or rear doors, making the overall cost of fiting an automatic door much less.


Our Skilled installers can adapt the locking on your own door to make it unlock electrically. This allows it to be controlled by the automatic door motor unit.

There are many different types of locking, from a simple Yale lock on a wooden door to a 5 point multi-point locking system on a UPVC door.

Our surveyor will make the initial assessment of the locking you have fitted and make recommendations based on his experience.

Above all at ADI we will not compromise the security of your door, any changes we make to the locking on the door will never make your door less secure, if anything the changes we make will increase the security.

Electric door opener closer fitted to a UPVC door in Boscombe Dorset.jpg


We have a variety of automatic door operators from many different manufacturers available to us.

We choose a suitable unit based on many factors to do with your particular situation.


Consideration is given to the room above the door, the reveal depth, the hinge type and the strength of the substrate that the unit will be fixed to.

We also consider who the equipment is going to be used for; is the dor for a wheelchair user? are there others using the door as well? are there children or pets ?

In all cases the automation is just another means of opening the door, we always make sure that the door can still be unlocked with a key and can be opened manually by hand as well if needed.

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