Oaktree House, Basingstoke

Social Housing door automation for disable resident

The main entrance to this social housing block was already fitted with an aluminium entrance door which was in good condition. We were asked to automate this door for an elderly resident living in the block who was finding it difficult to open the door.

triplex black.jpg

The door was not originally designed to be automated, so we had to make a few changes to make it possible to fit the auto door gearing.

We changed the concealed closer in the top transom,  for a springless, "dummy closer" so that the door was free swinging.

The frame above the door was only 50mm wide, so this needed a wider mounting plate fitted for the automatic door operator to be attached to. A substantial fixing point is essential for any automatic door operator. We had a 6mm aluminium plate made and powder-coated to match the existing frame.

triplex 2.jpg

BEA 4Safe sensors were fitted on both sides of the door for for EN16005 compliance, making sure the door stops when there is someone in the way.

triplex door.jpg

At the request of the local authority, who were funding the grant. The door was to remain a manual door for all of the other residents. So the existing door entry system was left as it was, to just unlock the door.

The elderly resident was issued with 2 remote controls which she can now use to unlock and electrically open it from inside and out