Braishfield Court, Boscombe

We were contacted by Bob Jones, who is chairman of the Braishfield Court residents association, as some of the residents were finding it difficult to open the main entrance door to the their apartment block in Boscombe.

They didnt' really want to go the expense of having a complete new entrance fitted and would prefer to their existing entrance doors automated if possible.

They had previously been told by another door automation company that there wasn't enough room for the automation equipment above the doors, due to the low ceiling height and that they would have to have a complete new door and frame fitted. I quickly evaluated the situation and told Bob that we could adapt the doors that they already had at a fraction of the cost.


We had 2 custom made aluminium mounting plates manufactured and powder coated white to match the door. These were fitted to the top of the door frame and door for the equipment fix to.

manor court closeup.jpg

We also had to move the door entry intercom panel to the other side of the entrance as it was behind the door when in the open position.

We recommnded this as it would have caused problems with the door safety sensors when the door started to open automatically, preventing the door from opening whilst people were stood at the door entry panel.

manor court internal.jpg