Automatic opening disabled toilet door locking system

Automatic Disabled toilet door opening systems

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We can provide your office, shop or public building with a fully compliant automated disabled toilet door opening system.

At ADI, we are passionate about making life easier for everyone with mobility issues, we specialise in providing door automation for the people who need it the most.

Our disabled toilet door systems are targeted at providing easy access to wheelchair users or others with ambulatory difficulties to easily open and close a disabled toilet door unassisted.

Safe and reliable.

Having an automatic door opening system can be a little worrying for it's users. All of our systems have clear and simple instructions to ensure that the user can easily open the door and lock it whilst inside, With reassurance LED indication that the door is locked.


Locking is automatic and electronically controlled, so there are no handles or slide bolts to engage, The overhead electromagnetic lock holds the door closed with over 600Ib of force. to ensure that the door is securely locked.

All of our automatic disabled toilet door opening systems are securely locked when in use and there is clear indication on the outside to inform other users of this.

The door is electromagnetically locked. Whist in use the door cannot activated or pulled open by another user trying to gain access. Should anyone get into difficulty whist inside there is an emergency green break-glass switch inside to unlock and open the door. There is also a key override switch that staff can use to gain access to provide assistance if required.


Tailor made to your requirements

We recognise that not all situations and requirements are the same. We can offer different types of equipment to adapt to your specific requirements. Some customers prefer that the disabled toilet is locked for all users and can only be accessed by the use of a RADAR key, which is no problem, we have a variety of external access devices that require a RADAR key to operate.

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Touch or Touch free switches ?

We have a choice of using conventional push buttons or "push pads" to operate the disabled toilet door locking systems or touch sensitive pads that can be easily  cleaned down with chemical disinfectants and sanitisers to reduce the spread of germs. To further reduce the potential spread of germs ADI always recommend  touch-free or No-Touch switches as these can be operated by a wave of a hand in front of the switch to open and lock the door. The switches can be activated by passing your hand over the sensor up to 70mm or 2 -3 inches away.

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