Struggling to open your flat door ?

FD30 wooden fire door with automatic opener closer.jpg

If like many others, you are  finding it difficult to open your flat  door because of a heavy spring closer, ADI doors can help

At ADI, we can automate your existing door, to allow you to open it with the press of a button. Giving you back the freedom to go out whenever you want.

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Many people have difficulty opening and closing their front doors, because of the force of the closing spring.

Since 2017 most flat doors have now been upgraded and fitted with  heavy EN4 closers, to comply with fire door regulations. These closers are very heavy and can make it difficult for most people to open, especially for the are elderly or people with mobility issues, when it can be almost impossible.


With our flat door automation we put you back in control of your life, we adapt the locking on you door and fit a fire rated automatic door opener to do all of the hard work for you.

All you have to do is press a button on a remote control, which will work from upto 10m (30 feet) away, the door will unlock and opens on it's own. The door will close again after a short time, which can be adjusted to stay open for as long as you need

to go through the door.

All of our automatic door openers have been tested and certified to comply with fire door regulations. They have heavy duty spring inside to close the door ensuring that it's shut tight and keeps it's fire integrity, even if there is a power failure.

You will of course need permission from whoever owns the lease on your building before having  your door automated.

Talk to your property manager or landlord If you are not sure.

remote controlled electric door opener.png

Our remote control transmitters are ergonomically designed with a comfortable feel and large soft touch, tactile buttons. Designed for ease of use and functionality. They are especially suitable for people suffering from manual dexterity issues or rheumatoid arthritis.

The remotes are small and light and come as standard with a key ring, but can be worn around the neck on a lanyard or attached to a walking frame or wheelchair.