Residential Disabled Access
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We can provide disabled access to your home.

At ADI, we are passionate about making life easier for everyone with mobility issues, we specialise in providing door automation for the people who need it the most.

We can usually automate your existing internal and external doors with a system that suits you.

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Our most popular method by far of opening a front door is our handy remote control switch.

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Safe and reliable automatic doors for the elderly and disabled

We can provide a number of ways to open your doors from a simple key switch to a fully handsfree system that opens when you and only you approach the door or from an app on your phone.

Any of our access control devices can be used to open your doors.

We can also integrate our door automation to most makes of home automaton and environmental control systems.

These were developed with the help of an occupational thearpist to ensure that they are easy to press by people with dexterity issues.

The result is an ergonomic device with soft touch buttons.

They are small and light weight, they can be attached to a key ring worn on a lanyard around the neck or even attached to your wheelchair with velcro.