Automatic Door Installations in Southampton

ADI can install, maintain and service superb qulaity doors and automate them for your home, business or place of work. Our Experienced team are ready to provide you with a cost effective solution to your DDA / Equality act requirements.

Automatic Door Openers and Closers

Slimline Label Neptis 120s Automatic door operator, fitted to an internal door in Thornhill Southampton,.jpg

Automatic doors are an effective way to make acccess to and around your building or buildings easier for those who need it the most.

Automatic doors or more commonly called Auto doors are not only for the elderly and disabled, they are the ideal way to welcome people into your business premises, aprtment block, shop or school.

With the addition of movement sensors, long range proximity access control or NFC smartphone app. they can make it a breeze to walk through a door carrying heavy things or pushing a buggy.

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Electric Door Openers

Sheltered Housing Door in Southampton, Hampshire.jpg

Automatic doors are an effective way to allow equal access to anyone with ambulatory difficulties. Modern automatic door operators are microprocessor based units with inbuilt technologuy to ensure that the give best performance and reliabilty. Working to BS7036 and EN16005 gives you and the public maximum protection and safety.

Todays systems are far removed from older technolgy and use a fraction of the electricity to make them work effectively and econmically.


Proven Reliability in heavily, wind affected locations


Modern automatic doors are much better in windy conditions due to inbuilt systems which constantly monitor for changes in motor load and can discern the difference between an object or person and a gust of wind. We have installed many automatic doors in wind affected areas along the Hambe River and alongside the River Itchen in Southampton as well as the on the sea Front in Lymington.

For maximum reliabilty we recommend sliding doors in very affected locations.


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